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How to Fix Kodak Printer Error Code 3527?

Kodak Printer Error Code 3527

Kodak is one of the major multinationals acknowledged for the manufacture of imaging products. It also produces printers, inkjet devices from enterprises and consumer films. Many individuals choose Kodak printer than other printing products because of its high-speed and beautiful characteristics. But there are also some technical problems with Kodak. One of the common errors encountered by Kodak customers is the Kodak Printer Error Code 3527.

Do you have any difficulty using a Kodak printing machine while printing? Then this error code may be caused by your device. But now, by reading this article, you can fix this problem with the right alternatives.

Steps to Fix Kodak Printer Error Code 3527: –

Most Kodak users have encountered troubleshooting Error Code 3527 when there is a printhead carriage jam error on their printing machine. When a Carriage Jam error message is displayed on your computer screen with error code. You cannot use the function of printing, copying, scanning and faxing. Then it is suggested that by implementing the finest troubleshooting alternatives, you clear a carriage jam. Printer Customer Service experts recommend these alternatives.

Causes of Kodak Printer Error Code 3527: –

This error code can be found in one or many places inside the printing device owing to the paper jam. You’ll see that the printing stops unpredictably for that purpose. Additional issues can occur, such as a broken sensor lever, fag mistakes, etc., which can trigger this code of mistake. Follow the measures below to skillfully resolve the error code 3527.Fixing of Kodak Printer Error 3527: –

Method 1: –
Remove the Ink Cartridges from the Printhead & Install

Step 1: – Remove the Ink Cartridges

First of all, you should open the front cover of your printing device, and then take out the ink cartridges from the print head. After that, you need to upgrade the firmware, press the “Home” button on the control panel.

  • Click on the “Maintenance” tab, and then press the “OK” button.
  • Then select “Install Ink Cartridges” option and then press “OK”.
  • Follow the instructions, showing on the control panel screen.
  • Then, go to the next step.
  • Then close the front cover of the printing device.
  • After that, press “OK” button to clear the error.
Method 2: –

If the above technique does not fix the issue, you can attempt to fix this Error 3527 with one last thing. Take a piece of cardstock and slide it through the paper route. It would usually feed the direction. But make sure your printer is turned off while doing this activity. You can turn the printer over and shake it closely after that.

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