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How to Fix HP Wireless Printer Setup?

The wireless HP printer allows you to keep the printer at any convenient place and work from a convenient location and also print at an ease. Since, there are no cables associated with printer, the efficiency of the wireless printer increases and hence the comfort of running a business increases. But if you still are a little confused and feel blue during HP Wireless Printer Setup , this article will help you in getting the direction of setup process.

There are some guidelines that we suggested to follow as per steps for HP Printer Wireless Setup. Because we don’t need to have all the technical expertise. So it’s better to take the expert’s help. Because we can sometimes uninstall or remove helpful software that is necessary for the process. Which in the future may trigger an issue. Experts in technical support are best suited for technical services.

Needed Before Setting up HP Wireless Printer Setup

  • You’d need a laptop that supports wireless to set up a wireless HP printer. You can only set up the HP wireless printer if your computer has a wireless network card.
  • A router is the next tool you need to set up. Make sure the systems work well and also verify compliance with the network and router. If they don’t comply, you may experience unnecessary issues.
  • Using the software package that came with your router and your printer is most essential to set up the whole process. It could be almost impossible to set up your machine without accessing the software package.

Efficacious Ways of HP Wireless Printer Setup

You can access direct Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct characteristics via HP if you want to link your HP Printer Wireless. You can connect to Wi-Fi-enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets,or computers to your printer to setup a wireless network connection without any support of wireless router or access point.

Process to Connect HP Printer to Wi-Fi

You can print wirelessly via your desktop, smartphone or tablet with Wi-Fi Direct. For this, the preferred printer software must be downloaded from your operating system. To switch on Wi-Fi directly, follow the following measures:

  • First of all, open the HP printer software in the computer
  • Tap on Tools> Device Setup & Software> Connect a new device
  • Under the connection tab you will find Wireless option
  • The list of available printers is mentioned there.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup connection process
Steps to Print from a Wireless Capable Mobile that Support Wi-Fi Direct

Go through the points mentioned to print from the wireless mobile device that supports Wi-Fi Direct. Have a look at this:

  • First, you have to Turn-On Wi-Fi Direct in your printer 
  • Now, choose the document that you want to print from your mobile
  • The screen will now display the list of available printers
  • From that list of available printers select your preferable printer 
Steps to Print from a Wireless Capable Computer

To print the document from a wireless device, follow the steps below one by one. You will be able to do this entirely with HP Printer Wireless Setup. So, let’s begin with the assignments provided:

  • To print using Wi-Fi Direct from your computer, make sure that you have turned on the Wi-Fi direct option in your printer and computer both
  • Choose the printers name from the list of the available network in the Wi-Fi settings
  • Next, enter the password to connect the printer with your computer

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