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How to Reset Lexmark Printer to Factory Settings?

How to Reset Lexmark Printer to Factory Settings

Printers make everyone’s work easy as they provide a hard copy of any documents to you in a quick way. Sometimes, your Lexmark printer is experiencing communication or any other problem in that case, restoring to default settings can solve this problem. You can reset to factory settings if the settings of your Lexmark printer have been recently changed.

To get the solution for how to Reset Lexmark Printer to Factory Settings. Users need to read this blog. Most users think resetting printer settings is not easy. For that users search the simple methods to set this. We are providing the pointers which are necessary to be followed for the completion of the procedure. This method will help users to reset it without any trouble.

Check the Simple Steps Required to Follow for Reset Lexmark Printer to Factory Settings :

Users can look at these simple steps. The mentioned steps are helpful to solve this issue without any issues. Users need to the lookout. 

Lexmark Printer Driver+1-888-401-4846

  • In the first step, users need to go to the home screen of the printers, choose the option of Settings, and tap out “OK.
  • Users choose the option “General Settings” and enter it on the OK tab.
  • After completing the second step, select the “Factory Defaults” option and again select “OK”.
  • Users need to select the “Restore Now” option provided on the same web page.
  • Finally, after completing all the pointers mentioned above, click on the option “OK”. 
  • The printer is now fully automated and you can try it out for use for printouts.
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Have a look at the Other Helpful Methods :

 Steps to Reset the Lexmark to Factory Settings:

  • Open the Lexmark home page.
  • After that, sign in as an administrator.
  • Choose Settings from the menu.
  • Select the device and reset it to factory settings.
  • You need to select  Restore All Settings and select the Start option
  • This will restart your printer and restore all settings, including network settings, app settings, and fax settings, to their factory default configurations.
  • Finally, set the date and time on your printer.

How to Reset Lexmark Printer to Factory Settings

Check the Resetting the Lexmark printer:

  • On your printer control panel, go to Settings and then press OK.
  • Users need to navigate to General Settings and then press OK.
  • From the General Settings, users can choose “Factory Defaults” and select OK.
  • Select “Restore Now.

Though your Lexmark printer works properly, sometimes, resetting it to the factory default settings is essential. Users can also check the below-mentioned steps for resetting quickly. If your printer supports the menu given below, 

Users just follow these steps.

  • On your printer control panel, users navigate to Device.
  • Visit to Restore Factory Defaults. Choose the option 
  • Users press the OK button. 
  • Users will be seeing Restore Settings on the display.
  • Choose Restore Settings and press OK.
  • From the Restore Settings screen, you can select Restore all settings and press OK.
  • Users enter Start to begin the resetting process.
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Connect with us for Reset Lexmark Printer to Factory Settings : 

We mentioned the simple steps for how to Reset Lexmark Printer Factory Settings. Users can use it. Mentioned all steps are easy to use and you can apply them without any issues. In case users are not ok with these steps and want live support for that. You can connect with the support team WIth mentioned support email id: support@printercustomerservice.com  Experts will assist you within working hours and guide you step by step and provide you a helpful solution within seconds without any trouble.

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