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How to Reset HP Printer to Factory Settings?

Reset HP Printer to Factory Settings

HP provides one of the most reliable services around the globe usually, users will not get any issue with HP Printer.Common issues like problems in establishing a wireless connection, paper feed error, restricting other services of the printer. All these issues can be resolve by using the reset process, now the process to Reset HP Printer to Factory Settings .Just follows the below section of the Blog. 

Printers are electronic device, present software or hardware issues that interfere with their smooth functioning.

These are common problems are related to the ink cartridges, printer is unable to recognize it even after replacing them,  users can come across paper jams or have trouble getting the printer to execute their orders. 

Methods to Reset HP Printer to Factory Settings :

Users can check the mention methods for resolve the issues. Process will set default settings. It’s not possible for reset page count, tray size, language option. Users can use the steps to complete the Reset HP Printer Factory Settings of their printer.

These mentioned steps easily cover up your concerns.

First Methods :

  • Switch off the printer, disconnect the power cord.
  • Users have to wait for 30 seconds to reconnect it.
  • Now turn ON resume button for 10-20 seconds.
  • It  will make the attention light blink.
  • Now release the button, the attention and ready light illuminate, and the device restores factory settings.
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Second Method :

  • Go to your printer’s screen and head over to Setup.
  • Now look for the option (Tools).
  • After this, you need to look for the “Restore Factory Default” option.
  • A confirmation message will appear; tap Yes.
  • If you press yes, the printer will restart and reset to its default settings.

Users can approach this method for almost all models of HP printers. If the first method doesn’t work for you.

The second method will help you and may differ slightly depending on which HP model you use.

Follow this easy process to complete the Reset HP Printer to Factory Settings process. You can try use some other solutions for resetting to default. In-case you have internet issues, try the wireless connection setup process given below.

Connect to a Wireless HP Printer

Users  check out the connecting all devices with the same network. If you change or use a different network, you might come across issues with the connection. 

Follow the steps that will help connect with the reset HP printer via Wi-fi and go through the given instructions.

  • If users Enter the WPS PIN for your printer message.
  • Tab on cancel and continue.
  • Switch on printer 
  • paper or ink cartridges is load properly.
  • Users connect the printer with local network.
  • Always use the control panel option
  • Check out the wireless setting
  •  Choose the Restore Network Settings.
  • Users choose the Wireless Setup Wizard from the given settings.
  • In the list option.
  • Users select your network.
  •  If asked, enter the security key.
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HP Officejet 4500 Printer Reset Instructions :

  • Users Turn on  printer off by pressing the ON/OFF button on the front panel setting.
  • It’s not necessary to unplug the cord power .
  • Turn on printer for  holding down the keys (9″ and “#). 
  • The dialogue box will show your screen.
  • Users not release this dialogue box disappears.
  • Factory values will now be restore and the initial set-up options will be appear on the screen .
  • Check the language option, date and time, location, etc. 
  • Users need to configure their printers from scratch.
  • If the error shows .please connect with  your store.

How do users Restore the HP Deskjet 3700 to Factory Settings ?

Click on Wireless button or press the  Cancel option. Enter the control panel tab. Users hold it for three seconds.

This will get the printer wireless back to factory settings.

Have a look at the Simple Tips :

  • With the printer switched on, Users can disconnect the electric wire and take the plug out from wall outlet. 
  • Check the  USB cable is attach, remove it from the systems.
  • Usually, it takes two to three minutes to regain power. 
  • Tab on power button to hold on your printer for thirty seconds. 
  • Plugin the cable and your HP printer will turn on for its warming-up procedure. if users have a strong internet bandwidth, 
  • Your printer will connect to the wireless network through (auto Wi-Fi )join feature.
  • The strong internet connection is important for the next steps to follow on how to Reset HP Printer Factory Settings. 
  • Printer joins a network, HP printer software opens up on your system. 
  • The printer software takes nearly one and a half hours to set up the necessary tools and installs the program for usage. 
  • Program is install
  • Users have to open ‘HP easy Start’.  
  • Function will definitely reset the printer to its default settings,
  • On the dialogue box, enter the continue button and your HP printer will be Ready to Connect.
  • Users required to select transfer option.
  • Move the wireless settings from the system to your HP printer via the USB cable.
  • Computer and printing device are connect for ready to troubleshoot.
  • The final step is to go to the Control Panel. Search for the wireless connection.
  • Users select Cancel” and “Reset” buttons.
  • Within thirty seconds, the HP Easy Start software shuts down and restarts.

To smoothly work with these printers,Users must know the basics of points to resolve the issues without hindrance.

Check -out the steps for Reset the HP DeskJet 2700 back to its default printer settings. 

Follow this simple guide-lines :

  • Your HP DeskJet 2700 needs to be turne on properly. 
  • Enter HP DeskJet 2700 power button and wait for printer is ready to print.
  • Now you need to click and hold the Cancel button and Wi-Fi Key.
  • Tab key for 3 seconds.
  • The led light around the HP DeskJet 2700 power button should start blinking.
  • Users have to Turn off the HP DeskJet 2700 cancel key and the Wi-Fi button.

Help -Desk for Reset HP Printer to Factory Settings :

Mostly users use  HP Printer professionally .If users find any issues in Printer and users want to Reset HP Printer to Factory Settings. We mention the methods for users helps .You can go through the steps to resolve the issues. In-case users are not able to apply these methods. 

Connect with HP Printer support team via email or Toll-Free -Number +1-866-231-0111.Hp -Support Team ready for 24/7 for your assistance. Experts will provide you with the best solution.

“We hope this Blog will help you solve your Problems”