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How To Fix The HP Printer Error Code 20?

HP Printer not Activated Error 20

Here are the Solutions to Fix HP Printer Not Activated Error 20 or HP Printer Error Code 20 by HP Printer Support Experts by Call Toll-Free- +1-888-401-4846. HP Printer Error Code 20 is caused by a problem with not configuring the HP printer correctly on your device. Normally, this error displays the following error message when you try to print a document, image, or spreadsheet using your computer, but you still decide to print the document using your HP Printer.

What is the Cause of HP Printer Error 20 Code?

There are many explanations, Why the HP Printer Error Code 20 happens: including all the below,

  • The printer that you use is not set to be the default printer.
  • The driver of the printer is missing.
  • There are conflicts in the system preferences.
  • Registry error on your device.

First of all, to fix this error, you need to try to ensure that you have properly set up your HP Printer and that you do not have any corrupt or corrupted settings on your PC that might stop your printer from working.

Some Most Common Issues in HP Printer

Errors or technical failures may happen at any moment or anywhere, so being ready to cope with them is highly essential. If you find it hard to solve the problems on your own and seek professional assistance, for HP Support Assistant then make sure that you end up with real and professional professionals for assistance.

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  • Clean HP Printer Rollers
  • Connection Issues
  • HP Printer Setup and Configuration Support Service
  • Re-installation Support for HP Printer Driver
  • Compatibility Issues in HP Printer
  • Driver Repair Support for HP Printer
  • Tune-up and Printer Optimization
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  • Paper Jam Issue support
  • Slow Printing Problem issue support
  • HP Driver Installation support Service
  • HP Printer Troubleshooting support
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Here are the Steps How To Fix HP Printer not Activated Error Code 20?

You must first ensure that the HP printer is actually operating before starting to resolve the error. You should print the self-test page to do this, and check the USB connection from the printer to your computer once you’ve done that. When these tasks have been performed successfully, you can then use these methods to resolve the error.

Step 1 Ensure that the Printer you use is Set as the Default Printer

The reason you should do this is that the same issue may come in the future when you try to print a paper. You should always make sure that it is set as the default printer if you buy another printer.

HP Printer not Activated Error 20

Download Repair Tool for Windows 10

  1. Click Start > Faxes and Printer.
  2. Check through the Printers folder, and proceed to Step 2 if the desired printer symbol is not available.
  3. But if there is the desired symbol, see if it has a check mark next to it. This ensures that the default printer is set as it is.
  4. If the green check is missing, right-click the printer and then click the option Set as Default Printer.
  5. Right-click the printer and select Print Test Page to print a Windows self-test page once you have done that.
  6. Exit the printer folder and try printing out a word document if the page prints successfully.
  7. However, implement the techniques in Step 2 if that failures.
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Step 2: USB Composite Device Re-installation

Re – install the USB system would be like, just to speak, starting over with a ‘new’ printer again. Reinstalling the software may just be what it needs for it to run properly. Follow these necessary steps to do this:

  1. Right-click the My Computer button and choose Properties.
  2. Click the Hardware tab, click Device Manager, and then click
  3. Double-click Universal Serial Bus Controllers in the System manager tab.
  4. Right-click Composite USB Device, choose Uninstall, and then click OK.
  5. Disconnect and reconnect the USB cable to your computer.
  6. To install the drivers, in the Found New Hardware Wizard, follow the on-screen instructions.
  7. To open the Printers folder, click Start, then choose Printers and Faxes.
  8. Find an icon that represents your HP printer, and then click the Print Test Page button to print a page for self-testing.
  9. Close all windows if the self-test page prints successfully and try to print out a document.

Step 3- Uninstall and Reinstall HP Software

If the HP Printer Error Code 20 is not resolved by the following methods, you can uninstall and reinstall the HP printer software. You can use the Add/Remove Programs feature installed to do the same.

Step 4-The Registry Clean Out

One of the major causes of HP Printer Error 20 is that corrupt or disabled parts of the register prevent the printer from being used by your computer. The registry is a database that holds vital settings and files that your device & software needs to run within the Windows system. It needs to read many registry settings every time you use your software to help it run, but unfortunately, many of these settings get damaged and corrupted, making it hard for Windows to read them. To resolve this, you can use a ‘Registry Cleaner’ software to clean out the registry. These tools are very simple to use, and our recommended to download this Windows 10 Repair tool.

HP Printer Customer Service Number +1-888-401-4846 for Fix HP Printer Not Activated Error 20 

So, here’s the reason why HP Printer Repair Service is so vital to dealing with such cases. As quickly as you face any type of problems with your printer, you must contact our Printer Customer Service Number +1-888-401-4846 Our technical team will be there 24/7 to assist you with any issue you face. Or you can attempt to reinstall HP Printer Driver and check if the printer is working or not. If it doesn’t, calling us and seeking assistance will be a wise choice.