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How to Fix HP Printer Error 709?

Fix HP Printer Error 709

If you have multiple printers installed on your computer, depending on the printer model you want to complete, you may want to change your default printer. The Windows operating system, however, sometimes does not allow you to make such a simple change and displays’ Operation could not be completed (Error 0x00000709)’ error instead. When you want to print a lot of pages, this can be really frustrating. So, we will tell you how to fix Windows Error 0x00000709 quickly and permanently in this article.

Causes of HP Printer Error 709

HP Printer Error 709

The reasons behind HP error 709 printer: What really causes this error code to pop up is the very first thing that reaches us when we face a printer error- HP printer error 709? You can handle the situation in a much more positive manner by understanding the problem. You also get an insight into handling your printer for the future in a smarter manner. So let us analyze the causes of this error:

  • Sometimes any other printer is set as the default printer on your PC, which, when you give a print order, makes your desired printer a secondary option.
  • The default printer value in the registry key gets corrupted sometimes, which results in this error.

Here How to Fix HP Printer Error 709?

We will explain in this section of the article some methods in that you can fix this error . Just make sure that you follow the instructions as they are mentioned in the right order. Let’s start with us!

Fix HP Printer Error 709

Steps1: The first solution to this error is to make your preferred hp printer available on your PC as the default printer. It is a process that is very simple. Follow these steps, please:

  • On your computer, click on the ‘Start’ button or the ‘Windows’ icon. (You can find it in the lower left corner of the screen of your PC or laptop.)
    Now type ‘The Control Panel’ in the text bar.
  • Now you can look at the program list and click the ‘Control Panel.’ icon.
  • A new window will now open and a list of folders and programs will be shown. Look for “Printers and Devices.”
    ‘Devices and Printers’ is double-clicked.
  • You can see all the printers that are available on your current network in the new window.
  • You need to right-click on the printer.
    Set it as the default printer for you.
    You need to restart the printer as well as the PC now. This will make it easier for your PC and printer to adjust to the changing settings.


Do not panic if the above solution doesn’t fix the error. Another solution to your help is now here. To change your computer’s registry key, please follow these steps:

Warning: Inappropriately changing your registry key can cause some very serious damage to your PC and printer.

Tips: Make sure to back up the registry before trying to make any changes to your PC’s registry. You will always get the PC back to its original state in case anything goes wrong.

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To change the registry, please follow these steps:

  • Click on the ‘Start’ button.
  • Please type ‘regedit’ in the text bar, and then press enter.
  • The new window will now open.
  • From the list of folders located on the left side, select the folder ‘HKEY CURRENT’.
  • Go to ‘Software’ now.
  • Choose ‘Microsoft.’
  • Select ‘Windows NT’ and then select ‘Current Version.’
  • Check ‘Windows.’
  • You can see the ‘Primary Device’ on the right side.
  • Changing the meaning of the name of your printer.
  • You must right-click on the value now.
  • Check ‘Rename.’
  • You may change it to your desired printer’s name at this stage.

The above solution can help you solve an error in the HP Printer. To avoid any serious damage, please follow the steps very carefully!

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