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How to Fix Epson Printer Offline Issue in Windows 10?

Epson Printer Offline Issue in Windows 10

The Epson printer offline issue in Windows 10 usually hints at a connectivity problem. If the physical connection of your Epson printer is loose or faulty, the device can go offline. An error message may be seen if users have opted for the Use Printer Offline option on their Windows computer or laptop. If using an Epson network printer users have reported that the device went offline. If you face issues like this. Checking the problem in the printer driver will be suggested. Your Epson printer appears offline. Users can ensure that it is able to communicate with your system. To understand more about these issues users can read this post and implement various useful troubleshooting methods to solve them. An error message may be seen Epson printer says offline but is connected to wifi, Epson printer offline fix windows 10, Windows 10 printer offline but it is not, Epson printer offline windows 11, Network printer showing offline but is online, Epson printer offline fix windows 10, Network printer keeps going offline windows 10

Why is Epson Printer Offline?

For an Epson printer showing offline on Windows 10, the follow could be the issues. 

  • Check the internet connectivity with your system and Epson printer 
  • Your printing device may be unable to communicate with your PC
  • This is maybe a large issue with the software or hardware-related problems.
  • The spooler service may be slow or disabled
  • The settings of your Epson printer may be incorrect 
  • Your Epson printer may not have been chosen as the default printing device 
  • The printer driver maybe be out date 
  • Users need to check the printer may be enabled 
  • Your wifi router maybe generate certain bugs and affect your Epson wifi printer  
  • If you add Multiple printers.Users unable to use the actual device 

Use the Simple Procedures for Epson Printer Offline Issue in Windows 10

Epson Printer Offline Issue in Windows 10

Solution First: Disable Epson Printer Offline Manually

If your Epson printer is offline on Windows, you can manually disable its status via the Run dialogue box. Using Run, you can launch the Control Panel and go to Devices and Printers. You can enter the printer button. You have to select the option (Set as Default Printer). Users can use your Epson device on Windows.

  • Check the mentioned steps to manually disable the status of your device.
  • Users press the window and R Key to run a dialog box
  • Type the control panel and enter it 
  • Enter on devices and printer in the control panel 
  • A window box will appear that gives the name of the Epson printer 
  • To ensure that there is no checkmark on anything choose the printer option prior  to using your printer offline 

Solution Second:  Reinstall Epson Printer

We mentioned the simple methods that users can apply without any trouble. To fix the Epson printer offline issue. 

Have a look at the points 

  • You need to press R Key to open the run dialog box 
  • Close the window and see if you can use your Epson printer 
  • A device manager windows popups that display the list of devices 
  • Enter to choose printer and printer Queues, right-click on your Epson printer 
  • Choose the select uninstall option 
  • Open the Run dialog box again and enter the control panel 
  • Users need to double click on the option (Device and printer )from the control panel.
  • Right-click to choose the ADD printer option.

Solution Third:  Check that Your Epson Printer can Print without a Computer

If the issues with your system may be preventing your Epson printer from printing. This shows offline your Epson printer in Windows 10. Users need to ensure their device is able to point without the system and check the wireless network. For checking the same a check the pattern can be printed. Users can find an option for the same on the control Panel of your printing device. Check pattern does not get printed, Users can move it to the LCD of the printer. You need to ensure that no error messages are available on it. 

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Solution Fourth: Remove Pending Print Tasks and Clear the Print Queue

If your Epson printer is offline. Users need to check any pending print jobs If you find them and remove all of them. Users check out the easy-to-use methods as well. 

Apply the mentioned points 

  • Users enter on the Run tab 
  • Push the enter key 
  • You need to right-tap on the spooler and choose properties 
  • Select Stop 
  • You need to press the ok tab 
  • Go to the window File Explorer
  • Select every file present in the folder printer
  • Click on the delete.
  • Open the properties of the spooler one more time 
  • Enter start tab 
  • Press ok button 
  • Start over your Window system ‘
  • You need to ensure that no print jobs can be found in the print queue 

Fifth Method: Check Printer Driver 

An outdated or corrupted printer driver may stop your printer from printing. This error can be resolved by simply updating or reinstalling the drivers. Users need to follow these instructions to re-install the printer driver:

Look out for the methods 

  • First, users need to open the control panel from the start menu. 
  • Users need to open the Add or remove the program option and right-click on the Epson printer driver from the list of programs.
  • Tab on uninstall option from the pop-up menu to remove the old printer driver. 
  • Next, go to the device and printers again and enter the Add printers option.
  • In the next display window, you have to click on Add a network, wireless, or Bluetooth printer.
  • As per the Epson printer’s model number, you have to install the software on Windows. complete the setup, Users need to restart the system to check if the Epson printer keeps going offline on Windows 10.
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For Instant Support to Fix Epson Epson Printer Offline Issue in Windows 10

We hope all the solutions can be helpful to fix Epson Printer Offline Issues in Windows 10. You need to follow all the instructions and solve your issues. As mentioned, all methods are easy to use. If users need live support for that. You can connect without a support team. Users can drop your query mail on our helpdesk   Experts will respond to your mail and provide you an easy solution within seconds