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How to Fix Epson Printer Error Code W-12?

Get Top-notch Solution to Fix Epson Printer Error Code W-12

Here we will learn How to Fix Epson Printer Error Code W-12? Epson Printers are still widely used in the world and are freely used by many people from various countries due to their advanced printing capabilities. However, by using the printer, you receive an error code that you are unable to resolve. W-12 is one of them, and it’s the result of printer ink cartridges being not remembered on the LCD screen.

What is Epson Printer Error Code W-12 and How to Fix Epson Printer Error W-12?

Epson Printer Error Code W-12

Replace the Ink Cartridges First.

When an ink cartridge runs out, your printer’s device and software will receive a notification to notify you to the problem. If the ink cartridge is damaged, a message will appear on the Epson printer’s LCD screen stating that it must be repaired and that the printer will no longer be able to print, copy, or scan.

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Step 2: Pull Out and Replace the Cartridges

  • Don’t forget to replace the cartridge before starting the process.
  • You must replace the old cartridges with the right version.
  • Furthermore, users must delay until the ink cartridge packages are ready to use before removing it.
  • Switch on the device and double-check the cartridge.
  • Press the start button again and choose the “Setup” icon.
  • Select the ink cartridge types using the “left and right” keys, then press the “start” button.
    Activate the scanner and remove the cartridge cover.
  • Press the ink cartridge a few times, then raise it straight up to carefully extract it.
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  • At least five times, shake the ink cartridge – Remove the ink cartridge from its wrapping.
  • Replace the old one with a new one from the holder, then switch it down.
  • After you’ve replaced the cartridge, close the cover and push it down.
  • To fill the ink, press the START button.
  • Restart the process when the ink replacement warning message on the LCD screen.

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