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How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 5b02?

Canon Printer Error Code 5b02

Canon Word is recognized and prestigious as the world’s leading brand in printers and cameras and from all businesses. Most users use Canon products in their daily life for its low printing cost and best user experience. The Canon printer is one of the most useful devices that help get digital data back into hard copies. Printers are not only used to print documents and photographs in the office and at home. Canon has set up a good brand name on the market. If users use the canon printer happily. If users face the issue of Canon Printer Error 5b02. Users need to solve this error without any issues. Tips to Fix Canon Printer Error 5B02- Here Solution to Fix Canon Error Code [5B02] [5B03] at the Canon MX370, MX390, MX430, MX450, MX510, MX520 Series.

If users search many methods online.If users are not able to apply these methods. Not to worry about it. To get an instant solution to resolve error 5b02 in the canon printer. Users read this blog without skipping any parts. Here we define the reason and methods. Let’s study the blog without wasting time. 

What is Canon Printer Error 5b02?

Canon Printer Error Code 5b02 comes in the printer. If the waste ink absorber. If the absorber will get filled. It shows the error on its display on the screen available on the top side of the printer. Internal issues or if the printer is not able to detect the absorber level. If this error comes again. You can check the reasons 

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Users Check the Reasons for the Canon Printer Error 5B02 

Users facing errors like 5B02 in the printer. You can look at these mentioned reasons. The reasons 5B02 can occur are as follows:

  • Check the waste ink absorber is filled.
  • Internal mechanism issues in the printer.
  • Using faulty or duplicate ink cartridges.
  • Excessive usage of the device.

Fix the Canon Printer Error Code 5b02

Canon Printer Error Code 5b02

Users can use These two methods to resolve this error without any issues. Users use the methods and solve this problem in your printer.

Method First: Resetting Canon Printer

Check the points 

  •  Users turn off the printer and take out the power cable from the main socket.
  • Try to remove all the attached wires from the printer.
  • Users need to press and hold the start tab.
  • Available on the printer,s Front Side 
  • Users need to plug all the wires back into the printer and connect with the main power plug into the socket. 
  • Enter and hold the start button and press the resume button.
  • Users attempt the first and second steps again.
  • Enter the resume button.

Users need to check Canon Printer error 5b02 is solved or not. If your printer error is not solved. For that users can look out for the second method. It will be helpful to you to solve this error in the printer within seconds without any trouble. Move on to the next method 

Method Second: Using the servicing tool 

Look out for a simple solution. Users can use and solve this error in a canon printer. 

  • Users make sure that your printer has enough A4 -Size Papers in the Feeder tray. 
  • Choose the region of your locality by expanding the drop-down list.
  • Visit the Clear Ink Counter > Drop Down menu bar > go to the Main Black >Set >Ink 
  • Enter on the Absorber Counter > Drop Down List > Absorber.
  • Users search the (Main Black )and enter on that.
  • Select the “Set” option. This step will enable the printer to print multiple pages one by one.
  • Users visit EPROM > Service Tool > Auto > Test Print.
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Quick Support for Canon Printer Error Code 5b02

Hopefully, by utilizing the aforementioned methods you will be able to resolve the Canon Printer Error Code 5b02 problem on your own. Users did not skip any solution. All solutions are easy to use and you apply them without any trouble. If you are not able to use it. Users need live chat support for that. You can drop your mail on the mentioned support mail:   Experts will assist you within seconds and solve your concern.