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How to Fix Brother Printer Error TS-07?

Brother Printer is a well-known printer, Many users prefer to use Brother printer for personal and professional use. Many companies prefer to use Brother printers. It offers great advanced features to use without any trouble. Sometimes users reported facing a Brother Printer Error TS-07 in the printer which means the printer can not detect a WLAN access point or router that has WPS or AOSS enabled.

If you are one of those users facing the same error or viewing an error message that says connection failed (Error TS-07 on the WLAN if yes ) Not to worry. This blog will guide you step by step to solve this error in the brother printer. In this blog, we describe all the methods clearly. You need to read this blog without skipping any sections. 

Brother Printer Error TS-07

Cause of the Brother Printer Error TS-07 

Let us first understand the causes behind this error. By understanding the causes users can handle the error complications on a much deeper level, and it is good for maintaining your device for future use too. Without wasting any time, let us look at the reasons:

  • This error comes from your Brother printer not being able to detect any WLAN access point or the router.
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Easy Troubleshoot Methods to fix Brother Printer Error TS-07 

Let us fix Brother Printer Error TS-07:

The troubleshooting Brother Printer error is quite straightforward. Make sure you follow the below-mention instructions in the order they are given:

  • First of all, make sure that your WLAN access point or router must support the WPS or AOSS.
  • Users can check it by looking for the icons displayed on the router or you can look through the documents that were provided with your router or the WLAN access point. 
  • You need to configure the wireless setting using WPS or AOSS 
  • Now Place your brother’s printer within the range of your router or WLAN access point for an undisturbed internet connection.
  • Please make sure there are no signal-emitting objects like a microwave or cell phone around your printer or the router as they may disturb the signals or your router or WLAN access point.
  • Users need to enter the Menu Option 
  • Press the OK BUTTON 
  • Select network and press the ok tab.
  • Users look for the WLAN network with the help of the arrow key on their printer and select it.
  • Enter ok button 

“Note: Look for the WPS/AOSS option “

  • Users need to choose it and click on ‘OK.’
  • If users see the message- ‘WLAN Enabled?’ Select the ‘accept’ option.
  • This will disable the wired network setting.
  • If users see Network I/F switched to a wireless message click on OK BUTTON.
  • The wire network setting will be disabled.  
  • Users see the ‘Enable WLAN?’ message and choose the OK option. This will disable the wired network setting.
  • Hold the WPS or AOSS button on the WLAN access point or the router.
  • The duration of holding the button may differ based on your WLAN access point or router. 
  • Users need to press the OK tab your brother’s Printer will choose the mode your WPN access point or router uses and it will configure 
  • On your printer’s LCD screen users will see a WLAN report and the same will be automatically printed. 

All the mentioned solutions are simple, you can apply them according to your requirements. If mentioned steps are not useful. Users can connect to the Brother Printer support team. The team will solve your issues without any issues. 

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Get Instant Support Brother Printer Customer Service 

Here we mentioned simple methods to solve this Brother Printer Error TS-04 in the Brother printer. All the solutions are easy to use. If users apply all the methods. You can easily solve the error in your printer. If users are not ok with mentioned steps. Not to worry about it. You can contact the Brother Printer support team. You need to drop your mail on provided support mail:   Experts will guide you step by step and provide you solutions within seconds without any trouble.