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How to Fix Brother Printer Error Print Unable 50?

Brother Printer Error Print 50

The Brother printers are technically design to offer complete printing solutions. They are of good quality and among the best in printing problems. We cannot accept these technical devices, and one cannot expect them to be error-free. One of the most commonly occurring errors in the Brother Printer Error Print Unable 50. Users search for the solution online to resolve this error. To get the solution. Users can look at this blog to solve this error in a short period of time. Users need to read out the entire blog without skipping any section. Let’s proceed with the process. 

Brother Printer Error Print Unable 50

Reasons behind your Brother Printer Fails to Print

Brother printer is in high demand worldwide and a helpful machine. Users need to look out for the reasons for the brother printer failing to print.

Check out the few reasons 

  • Wireless and wired network printing issues
  • Paper jam problem:
  • A problem with printer drivers
  • Ink and toner issues
  • USB printing problems
  • Offline issue
  • Users need to turn off or on the printer machine 
  •  Printer shows Printing is not possible to the ready status.
  • Connection problem

Easy Methods for Brother Printer Error Print unable 50

If users are looking forward to resolving the issue of the Brother printer error manually, users can take a look at the methods listed below. They will give you a positive and instant result.

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 Method First :

Initially, to fix Brother printer error 50, users need to open the cover of the scanner by using the plastic tabs that are located on the right and left side of the printer. 

  • Move the printhead to the central location.
  • You must ensure that a piece of paper or staple is not stuck in the printer.
  • Users need to reboot their printers. If you see this error again.
  •  you need to take a look at the method.

Method  Second :

lookout for the simple points 

  • Use the plastic clips on the cover to open the cover of the scanner. They are placed on the left and right sides of your printer. Make sure that it opens up properly.
  • Make sure users use a lint-free cloth and hold the encoder strip from the right and left sides.
  • Take a cloth and rub the strip from the left side to the right. Do it three times.
  •  Users have cleaned it, reboot your printer.
  • If the problem arises, you can use the next method.

Method Third :

Follow the provided steps 

  • Users ensure that the position of the encoder strip is correct as this strip gives the print head.
  • You must open the printer machine and reinsert the strip in the correct position.
  • Users have reinserted the strip, start your printer again and
  • Check the Brother Printer Error 50 has been fixed or not.
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Solution to fix brother printer Error 50 

The Brother printer error code 50 is an internal issue that comes users are attempting to unplug their printer device and plug it back in again. The message  Unable to Print 50 will appear on the display if a foreign object that could include a paper clip or ripped piece of paper is found stuck in the machine. This message mainly pops up as an issue with the printhead. Your print head comprises the cartridges that sit inside the printer.

Users transfer all the faxes to the fax machine is no important messages will be lost. All the fax messages will go directly to the machine’s memory it cannot print at the moment. If extremely important, the faxes can be transferred to the machine to avoid losing them. It helps in saving time, and the important faxes can be recovered easily.

Brother Printer Error 50

Check out the simple methods 

  • Open the scanner in the upward direction.
  • Users check the left and right sides and even the center to remove any paper scraps that may be jammed under the print head.
  • Users have to open the clear jam cover on the back of the machine.
  • Look within for traces of foreign objects or jammed paper. 
  • Check them and close the jam cover and the scanner cover.
  • If “Unable to print 50” is display unplug the machine from the power outlet for 1 minute.
  • Users need to plug it back in again.
  • You need to remove all the ink cartridges, turn off the printer, and
  • Users need to turn it upside down and shake it for a few seconds.
  • Check that if  Unable to print 50 is cleared, do a Print Quality Check Sheet.
  • If it is working and printing successfully, the issue is resolved. If not, go back to Step 1.

Call Brother Printer Customer Care Number

We hope the provided methods to solve Brother Printer Error 50. Mentioned steps are helpful for users to apply these methods. These methods solve this error within seconds. If users are not ok with methods. You can coordinate with brother printer support Experts. The team will assist you within seconds. You need to just drop your concern mail on the mentioned support email:   Experts are available to assist you to resolve your issue and provide you with easy solutions within seconds without any trouble.