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How to Fix Brother Printer Error 35?

Unable to Print 35

Brother printer is identified as the best printing device to take out the best-quality prints and high-definition output. These printers provide excellent features, durability, and performance. The Brother printer is available for personal and commercial use. Reasons for Brother Printer Error 35. How Do I Troubleshoot Brother Printer Error 35? Follow the Steps to Fix Brother Printer “unable to print 35” error. You should always look for printers that meet your requirements.

If users face the Brother Printer Error 35 (Unable to Print 35) in the printer. To solve this error users search the easy solution online and check why this error occurs. To solve this error, users can read this blog. In this blog we discuss each and everything related to this issue, users need to carefully read the entire blog without avoiding any sections. 

Main Causes for Brother Printer Error 35

The leading causes of the occurrence of Unable to Print Error 35 are listed below.

  • A paper stuck in the Brother Printer will cause Error 35.
  • Other mechanical parts of the Brother printer are not operational.

Why does Brother Printer Error  Code 35 Occur?

  • This issue can arise if a paper clip or bit of paper gets stuck in your printer.T
  • There could be a mechanical fault in your electronic equipment.
  • This error may occur if you suddenly give a command to your printer to not print the documents that are lined up on your system.
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Basic Tricks to Fix the Brother Printer 35 Error

  • Users need to cancel all the print jobs in the print queue.
  •  power off the Brother printer.
  • Gently lift the printer header cover.
  • Check whether any paper is stuck in the printer. 
  • Users need to Clean the printer with a cotton cloth if they see any dust.

Solutions to Fix the Brother Printer Error 35

Unable to Print 35

First Solution: Clear the Jammed Paper

  • Use a finger that hangs on each of the sides of your printing machine and open it with care.
  • On the left, users will find your printer’s scanner cover support.
  • Users check if any paper is jammed in that area. 
  • Take a look at the right, left, and center.
  • If users find any bits of paper stuck in those positions, they should take them out immediately.
  • slide your printhead towards the right and bring it back to where it was and check if any bits of paper are stuck in that location.
  • If you find any paper there, remove it immediately.
  • users open the jam-clear has located at the back of your printer 
  • See if any paper is jammed in that place. If yes, remove it right away.
  •  you have removed all the jammed paper, close the cover of your scanner.

Second Solution: Restart Your Printer

  • Users use the restart of the device as one of the most common methods for resolving technical difficulties.
  • Connect the printer wire to the power source.
  • You will need to wait a few minutes.
  • Try to reconnect your printer to the power source again.
  • Print a document to check that everything is working properly.

Check out the Other Helpful Solutions

Look out the simple points :

  • Users open the printer, stop all the printing jobs, and remove the upper device cover.
  • Check the scanner to see if there is any paper stuck. If yes, remove it.
  • Open the print head and rotate it to check if there is any friction. If yes, fix it.
  • Users Open the jam cover as well and look behind it to see if any paper or pins have become stuck. 
  • If yes, remove it and gently close the cover of the printer.
  • If the printer does not work, disconnect the power and check for all the cables and wires.
  • Check your system has become disconnected from the printer, reconnect it.
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Helpdesk for Brother Printer Error 35  (Unable to Print 35)

Brother Printer Error 35

Most of the users use the Brother printer for daily use. If the Brother Printer Error 35 is not solved. For that users search for easy solutions. Here we mentioned the easy solution users can apply to solve this error. If users need live support. You can connect with the Brother Printer support team. Users can drop your mail on provided support mail:  Experts will assist you within working hours. To solve your issues within 24/7 hours and provide helpful solutions without any trouble.