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How to Fix Brother Printer Drum Error?

Brother Printer Drum Error

Let’s get started and look at how to fix a brother printer drum error. In brother printers, there are two possible solutions to the drum error. One choice is to fix the drum error only, while the other is to replace the whole Brother printer device. Brother printers have very different components, such as the toner cartridge and the drum unit, than other printers. If the printer’s drum device needs to be replaced, do so instead of the drum section.

Simple Step-by-Step to Fix Brother Printer Drum Error Problems :

Brother Printer Drum Error

To fix the drum error that your printer device is experiencing, follow the steps define below.

Step 1: First, open your Brother printer’s front cover.

Step 2: There is a Clean button on top of the button. Once, click the button.

Step 3: On your printer’s top, click the Start button next to the green color section.

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Step 4: You’ll find that your printer’s display screen is turned off. If this is the case, press the Plus (+) button 10 or 11 times.

Step 5: Now, on your printer, press the Ok button. The ‘Please wait’ sign will be displayed on a prompt screen.

Step 6: If all of the above steps have been completed, carefully close the printer’s front cover.

You will finally be able to resolve the Brother laser printer drum error this way. You can print the desired number of copies of your necessary documents once the printer error has also been resolved.

What Do You Do If You Get a ‘Reset Brother Printer Error Drum’ or ‘Replace Drum’ Error?

Replace Drum Error


  • In the vast majority of instances, you will receive an error message indicating a Drum Error. To replace the old drum and install a new one, you must first open the computer and remove the cartridge’s center.
  • You can now switch out all the old drum for a new one. Keep in mind that you have transferred the first toner cartridge to its original location. Make sure it makes a click sound. Clean the corona wire two to three times by moving the blue button.
  • Finally, replace the printer device in its original location. When you reset the drum count on a multi-functional computer like this, you must first click the simple back button. Furthermore, a prompt message saying “Replace Drum” will appear.
  • For just Yes, choose one option. That concludes the simplest method for resetting and fixing the Brother printer drum error.
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Brother, the printer brand, always recommends customers to use genuine Brother drum units for their home and office uses. Their laser printers are designed to print at a particular room temperature that is optimized to work with each type of toner specification.

The printer’s individual components are all designed keep in mind with security, quality, and reliability. Using non-branded materials to replace the printer drum can have a big impact on the financial performance, print quality, and device consistency.

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