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How to Download HP Smart App Setup?

HP Smart App Setup Download

Download HP Smart App Setup and use this device to print, scan, troubleshoot printer problems for your devices and set up wireless network printers. It has made it more user-friendly along with its apps and functions, the company has always thought about creating respect and support. This smart app is built for android, iOS for Apple, iPad OS and Windows.

Here are Steps How to HP Smart app Setup Download?

Step 1: Install the HP Smart App

Go to the play store on your smartphone, and search for the HP Smart App download. Then follow the instructions on-screen to download and install the app. Start the HP Smart app on your phone, and tap the Plus sign IN widows 10. Go through the steps that come on the screen again to add your printer or set up a new printer. Learn more on the following steps:

  • Navigate from your browser to, and install HP Smart App.
  • Connect your device to the wireless network and open the Smart App.
  • Enable Bluetooth and approval Location in iOS and iPad Operating System.

HP Smart App Setup Download

Step 2: Print or scan documents and photos

On the home screen of the Install HP Printer HP Smart App, tap the printer or the device camera to print or scan item or picture.

Step 3: Manage Printer Preferences, Messages, and, etc.

Here are some tasks you need to perform:

  • Display Printer status: Make a ready-to-use conformation for your printer. If the yellow triangular shows, the printer needs to be more careful
  • Display Notifications: Click on the Android Alert and the iOS and iPad printer icon to show error messages
  • Test the ink or toner standard, and order supplies:
  • Check home screen for ink level. Click on your printer to order supplies, then tap Inventory status, then click Order Supplies.
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  • Enable HP Instant Ink Dashboard: just press oh HP Instant Ink option to open the instant HP Ink Dashboard.
  • Print documents and access tools: Click printers, and then print report as a network configuration page or page quality report to print the report.
  • View wireless status and information: Tap your printer, then click the IP address, network status, and direct name wi-fi information of the printer.
  • Know a list of print workers: Tap the printer and then press ‘See what’s printed’ to find out about the print jobs.
  • Forget a printer: right-click the printer to delete the home screen and then press ‘Forget this printer’.
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Step 4: Know Additional Features

Here are 6 additional features available in your HP Printer:

  • Print Anywhere: When you’re away from the printer, you can use your smartphone to upload the print jobs to the internet.
  • Smart Tasks: create printing shortcuts, save files, email from HP smart app.
  • Mobile Fax: Mails can be sent to the fax machine via Windows 10 device.
  • Play & Learn: Provides children with free-printable content, such as worksheets, coloring pages, reading material and much more
  • Settings: You can configure your home screen and get additional information such as personal data, review options, data collection deals, etc.

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