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How to Fix Epson Scanner Error 9923?

If it comes to the marketing of a technologically advanced scanner, you can pick from a few Epson scanners. Epson users have found Epson Scanner Error 9923 to be very irritating, despite being a global brand for the scanner.

If you ever experience this mistake, you will be unable to search your documents or files when it’s most important. However, you can get in contact with our customer service team for Epson printers and fix the problem in a short span of time.

3 Solutions to Fix Epson Scanner Error 9923

Let’s move on to potential ways to do away with this mistake. Follow the order in which we addressed the solutions that would permanently alleviate the issue.

Restart your Epson Scanner

Next, turn off your Epson scanner. Before that isolate all of the device’s cables. Now, wait a couple of moments and bring the wires back in exactly the same way to the scanner. Then turn on. Now, try scanning a file or text, and test whether or not you still get the same.

Check the connection

To address the error code 9923, the USB adapters must be tested first, and power cables must be properly attached. This error also depends on a failure to bind. So, you need to test the cables and the switchboard.

Reset the Device

If you don’t find the reset approach helpful then go for this one. Follow the steps in sequence and solve the problem by yourself.

  • Firstly, you need to remove the cables that link your device to the scanner. Now tap on the Windows icon and then click on it to select
  • System Preferences.
  • After that select the choice Printers and Scanners and press the Control key.
  • First, you will pick the Epson printer icon that is present in the screen’s left row.
  • Tap Reset Printing Machine now.

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Upgrade Scanner Driver

The scanner driver can accidentally get disabled after upgrading Windows to the latest version due to some unknown reasons. Often, you can experience an error with scanners if there is any compatibility problem with the driver and your device.

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Printer Customer Service

If the alternatives are not sufficient to solve the Epson Scanner Error 9923 of the Epson printer, contact the professionals. You can choose our assistance to solve your printer’s technical failures. To solve Epson printer problems, we are accessible round the clock. You can also save time by taking advantage of our service at your doorway. Therefore, please call us at Epson Customer Service Number or email us instead of wasting your time.