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How to Fix Epson Printer Error Code e-11?

Epson Printer Error Code e-11

Epson printers are regarded as one of the finest brands of printers offering quality printing and scanning. As all other printers, you will be met with error messages that prevent printing. We’ll concentrate on the E-01 error in this blog post, this error usually occurs when something is wrong with the ink cartridges. The cartridge can be dirty, clogged, or the connectors to the cartridge can not come into contact with the connectors to the printer. Get reliable Epson Printer Error Code e-11 solution by logging in to us.

Epson Printer Error e-11 Steps to Overcome

We Give Easy Steps to Repair your Epson Error Code e-11

Stage 1-Connected the Power Cable

  • Next, turn off the printer for a total of 5 minutes to unplug the power cable from the wall outlet.
  • Then Power the printer to properly test whether this issue is still present or not.
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Step 2 – Work with Transportation Lock

The removal of the transport lock is necessary to perform as per the instructions provided by Epson Printer Support engineers.

Step 3 – Work with the CD tray

In the event that the CD tray is in the eject position then ensure that you pressed the CD tray button to move it back to its storage location. Be careful with the tray, do not move the CD tray into another spot or even bring it in.

Step 4: Check the Cartridge of the Printer

If the CISS printer is mounted test that the cartridge moves flexibly from left to right. Also, verify that the upper scanner is tightly sealed to formidably fix the mistake.

Step 5: Opt for a Check-up

If you notice that none of the tips above can repair the Error Code e-11; thoroughly search the printer then. To make the printer work again, replace the old cartridges with new Epson ink cartridges if you find any obstacle.

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