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How to Fix Epson Printer Error Code 0xea? – Printer Fixes

Epson Error 0xea

Epson Error Code 0xea is very common in the printers. This usually occurs when the carriage caddy gets jammed. The reason for can be anything something stuck inside the printer. Or the cartridges were not inserted properly. New printers usually face this error. It is because of an error in the configuration and installation of the printer.

To see if anything holds the carriage caddy back, the best way to tackle this mistake. A piece of paper or packaging material could be left inside. Make sure the cartridges are correctly set up, too. Here’s what the mistake can be addressed.

How to Fix Epson Error Code 0xea?

Step 1: Open the Printer and Check Inside

When you notify your Epson printer of the Error Code 0xEA mistake, switch it off and inspect it inside the printer. Find out if inside is kept any piece of tape or plastic wrapping. When installing cartridges, it’s a prevalent problem. Even a tiny part of the tape, a tiny piece of paper or plastic wrap is left on the printer’s cartridge bars to operate smoothly and display the Printer Error 0xEA

Step 2: Check the Configuration of the Cartridges

As well as inspecting the foreign bodies like tapes, etc. that are stuck inside the cartridge, check whether or not they are correctly positioned inside the printers.

Step 3: Turn OFF the Printer and Reset the Cartridges

Even after the cartridges have been checked, if the mistake still appears, the cartridges must be reset. But switch the printer off before that.

Step 4: Take out the Cartridges and Check

Now, remove and inspect the cartridges from the printer. Make sure the cartridge bodies are clean and there is no sign of any tape or paper before reinstalling them in the printer again.

Make sure that you have placed the cartridges properly before initiating to turn ON the printer.

Step 5: Take the Help of the User Manual

If you discover the mistake still persists even after following the specified instructions, then follow the printer user manual provided by Epson during the purchase moment.

It can become hard to follow the handbook, according to the professional Epson printer technician, and instead of troubleshooting the mistake, customers can purchase a PC Repair Tool software to solve Epson Error Code 0xEA  and other mistakes that hamper the use of printers. So far, many users have been helped with demonstrated outcomes by the software solution.

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