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How To Connect Brother Printer To WiFi Successfully?


Connecting a Brother Printer to WiFi is needed because you can not install the printer driver without an internet connexon. And you can’t print without getting a printer driver on your machine. So, if you don’t know How to Connect Brother Printer To WiFi? to make a WiFi connexon between your Brother Printer and your machine, just use Brother Printer Support. You’ll certainly come to know all the strategies in the simplest way.

There are also several cases where users of Brother Printer have complained about a network-connected printer being disconnected from the wireless device automatically. If you are one of those users facing similar network connectivity issues in Brother Printer, then you are in the right position to get the solution that works.

Connect Brother Printer To Wifi

Solutions to Connect Brother Printer to WiFi

Here, we’re going to take a few steps to help you link the Brother printer to your home’s wireless network. So, you can take a look at the following measures discussed:

Steps To Connect Brother Printer To Wifi

  • Click on the “Control Panel” first, and then click on the “Menu” button.
  • Choose “All Settings” from the multiple options list.
  • “Scroll your mouse to go to” Network “and click” OK
  • Now, go to “Reset Network” and then press “OK”
  • To confirm the reset, press ‘1’ to say yes and press “1” again.
  • The Brother printer will reboot right now,
  • If the rebooting phase is done, you will be asked to ‘WI-FI Setup’
  • Click the ‘OK’ button three times at the same time to start the ‘Setup Wizard’
  • From the list , select your ‘WI-FI Network’
  • Enter the password for Wi-Fi now
  • To apply the settings, press ‘OK’ and press ‘1’

Brother Printer To Wifi

Brother Printer Software Setup

  • You can download the software driver after connecting the Brother printer to Wi-Fi and it is often recommended that you download the full functionality and software driver kit to allow better use of your printer.
  • To try out the device driver right away, visit the Brother website and then enter the printer model number.
  • From the list , select your computer’s operating system and choose the OS version as well.
  • There will also be a complete feature driver, basic applications and utilities on the Downloads tab.
  • Pick the one you would like to instal on your desktop.
  • Tag along with the onscreen instructions, and then wrap up a Wi-Fi link to the Brother printer.
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How to Connect Brother hl-l2360dw Printer to WiFi

How to Connect Brother Printer to Wi-Fi 2
how to connect brother printer to Wi-Fi

5. Reset Wi-Fi

Similarly, if you have already configured or attempted to configure a wireless link, you need to reset the connectivity.

Follow the instructions as below

  • Click the menu option to begin with
  • Then press the up or down button to access the “Network alternative” and press the OK button.
  • To pick ‘Network Reset’ scroll down and click OK
  • This deletes the connectivity that exists

Instant Support for Brother Printer Customer Care

How to link my Brother printer to Wi-Fi? Still having problems? To learn more about wireless setup, just navigate to our Brother Printer Customer Service or call our technical support team @ +1-888-401-4846.