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How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 1401?

Canon Printer Error Code 1401

Fix Canon Printer Error Code 1401 is one of the common error codes that printer users often come across. It usually happens when more than one ink mounted in it is not identifiable by the printer. You’ll need to refill the ink to solve this problem. It is the most easy way to do paperwork. Maintaining the print quality is critical. Our team ensures you offer reliable service at budget-friendly rates. If you want some more support or would like to get some details about the product.

Reasons for Canon Printer Error 1401

Error Code 1401 can occur in your canon printer for many reasons, but the following are the most common reasons.

  • This technical error can occur because of damage in the head of print.
  • It fails to provide a good quality print due to low and high temperatures.
  • The Canon Error Code 1401 can also cause the cartridges to fail to recognize

Guidelines to troubleshoot Canon Printer Error code 1401:

Make sure you have colored and black cartridges mounted correctly

The first thing you need to do is turn on your printer and then remove the cartridges to ensure each of them is mounted in a precise manner. You should have both the black and color cartridges to print the cartridges in an accurate way.

Check the Cartridge Code for Printer

If you want to get rid of canon printer error code 1401 then proper installation of the cartridges is very important. You will need to make sure it correctly carries the machine code for the colored printers. Additionally , the quality of the code depends on the specific printer model.

Clean the contacts properly

It is very important for printer contact to have a connection with the printer cartridge which is made up of metallic contacts.Printer contacts are mounted at the front of the cartridge onto the sheet. So, the cleaning of damaged parts is important for the customer.

Replace or uninstall all the faulty Ink Cartridges

When you still can not recognise the printer then the cartridge is faulty in these situations and it must be removed immediately. Your canon printer error code 1401 will most likely be fixed after you remove the faulty ink cartridges. In addition, we’ll advise you to prefer to replace canon original ink cartridge.

Clean all contacts within the printer

If an error still appears then the only thing you can do is clean up all the contacts inside the printer. Similarly you have to clean them as you clean the contacts of the cartridges. Yet when cleaning you should be careful this doesn’t leave tissue scraps on the eyes.

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