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How to Fix Brother Printer Offline Windows 10?

Brother Printer Offline Windows 10

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Just think, if you senior in your office tell you to print out the document for a business meeting in an hour but when you try to print, and your printer doesn’t work. You will get the message yields up at the right-hand corner button of your desktop stating that your Brother printer is offline.

The status of your printer shows offline in your Devices and Printers window, If you want to fix this problem then follow the below steps to solve it quickly. If after following all the best step you are still encountering the problem, then you can contact us. Our team of professionals is ready to help you in any possible manner.

Lots of people experience the error of Brother Printer offline after the recent update of Windows 10. This problem is not only office duty to the operating system update or driver update; there is various reason behind this.

Steps to Solve Brother Printer Offline Windows 10

Check Printer Connection

  • First of all, restart your brother printer, and restart it, Now you need to wait for some time to the printer to become fully ready.
  • The check all the connection. If your printer is connected with the USB cable, then you should ensure that the cable is connected correctly. Check whether the USB ports are working correctly or not.
  • If you connect your Brother printer with the help of the wired network, then you should check the ethernet ports are appropriately connected to the printer. Also, verify that the router is working correctly and verify whether the network signal on the Brother printer is running.
  • If your brother printer is connected via a wireless network, then you should check whether the wifi is still connected or not to your PC network.

Test the printing status

  • Restart your printer and wait for 5 min to start printer properly
  • Then press Win + I key and then click on the devices
  • Here you will get the option Device and Printer below the related setting.
  • You will get the icon which has a green tick mark right click on that.
  • Click on see what’s printing. If you get a grey colored icon without any green tick mark right click on this icon.
  • Now click on Set as the default printer and then click on the printer.
  • You need to remove the tick which is next to the options of Pause printing and use printer offline.
Check the Print Spooler Service
  • Press Win + R to open the RUN service
  • Now in the search box, enter Services. msc and click on RUN.
  • Here you get the list, Find the printer spoiler item for this list.
  • Check whether the status is Running or not.
  • If you do not get the state here, then click on the stat and you will see the situation.
  • To restart the, you need to the right-click on Print spoiler
  • Now done close the window.
Update Printer Driver
  • Press Win + I key and then click on the device
  • Then go the device and printer
  • Now you will get the list of all connected printer, Right-click on brother printer
  • Then click on Remove Device, you will get the permission dialog box, click on Yes.
  • You can update your printer drivers in two way either manually or automatically.

Sometime outdated device driver may cause lots of problem. You should update your device driver in time to time manner. If you want to update the brother printer driver manually, then you need to visit the official website of brother printer and download all the recent drivers. (Select a driver which is compatible with your Windows OS.)

If after doing all the above steps you are still facing the problem in your printer, then it’s a time to contact us. We are providing professional technical support service for Brother Printers, call us on your official support numbers listed below.

No matter what sort of complicated or complex problems you faced or currently facing. Our support team is always ready to help you at every point to give Brother Printer Customer Support to fix the technical difficulties.

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